Model build & management, UK Nursery
Group acquisition

The Challenge

The client, the buyers of a Nursery group contacted us to build a model to assist with sourcing finance.

The client heard of us from a mutual acquaintance and reached out to us seeking support with the acquisition as well as further development of management reporting pack and a strategic pricing review.

The Solution

The Transaction Model included detailed nursery by nursery forecasts with seasonality functionality, a dashboard, and reports.

For the transaction purposes, we built a detailed financing module, including refinancing functionality, interest step ups, resolving interest payment circularities, and ensuring compliance with a variety of loan covenants.

The model included a functionality for regular upload of historic data, to enable timely management reporting allowing for easy upload of new data, and detailed insight into group performance.

The Outcome

The model was presented to the management, buyers and lenders and the refinancing was approved by the lender resulting in a successful acquisition by the buyers.

The buyers continue using the model for reporting purposes and we continue to have a successful relationship with the client and provide financial modelling services as and when required.

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