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We build, review, and manage financial models to help business leaders make informed decisions.

Our Excel financial models are built to provide visibility of financial data used for strategic guidance while remaining bespoke, easy to follow, and aligned with industry best practices.

Our solutions:

  • Forecasting and costing
  • Management reporting
  • Performance tracking
  • Integrated Financial Statements
  • Operations and business planning
  • FP&A
  • Fundraising and business valuation
  • Refinancing and cash-flow modelling
  • Project finance & portfolio analysis
  • Growth and acquisition
  • MBOs & LBOs

So you can:

  • Plan and prepare for the future
  • Map out your company’s growth
  • Build realistic business targets
  • Compare where your business was, is, and where you would like it to be
  • Understand the wider impact of specific strategies
  • Gain access to business-critical funding
  • Get your start-up off the ground

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The PPS financial modelling process

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George Pavlovic ACA
Director, Financial Modelling
Aleksandra Pavlovic ACCA
Director, Financial Modelling

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