Financial Model Management

Our Model Management service is comprehensive and includes complete model management to ensure that your needs are fully met – even as your needs and model change.

We can operate your model on an ongoing basis, processing changes in assumptions and reporting on outputs – updating the model as and when required.

Plus, we can provide model overlays, where new functionalities can be added to an existing model.

You’ll find that our quality control procedures and best-practice standards ensure that the finished product you receive runs smoothly to support your reporting needs and decision making.

In addition, we can also simplify models that have become either bulky or over-complex – our model simplification process makes models easier to use and understand.

Model management features:

  • Process new inputs and scenarios
  • Amend calculations, analysis, and outputs
  • Receive support for entirely new data
  • Complete flexibility and agility

Model management benefits:

  1. Reduce your team’s workload by adding a specialist resource.
  2. Benefit from an outsourced FP&A function for as long as you need it.
  3. Simplify existing models to make them easier to use.
  4. Overlay new scenarios and functionalities to avoid building new models.
George Pavlovic ACA
Director, Financial Modelling

Client success story


The client was going through a major disposal and required modelling support to understand future operational income scenarios.


We developed and operated a group-wide long-term planning model during a multi-billion pound disposal, subsequent capital restructure, and review of the remaining business.


The client was able to cut reporting times significantly and answer complex questions from private equity investors as a result of financial modelling.


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