Financial Model Build

We have years of proven experience building tailored, user-friendly Excel financial models.

You’ll benefit from our understanding of how businesses work, what is required to succeed, what founders, investors, and management need from decision-making tools and the best way to present them.

Our models are built according to industry recognised best-practice principles:

  • Consistency of calculation blocks, sheets, and overall structure allow for ease of navigation and review.
  • Separation of inputs, calculations, and outputs mitigate risk and save time during updates.
  • The integrity of data and calculations are maximised with detailed, robust error check networks and eliminate the need for quick fixes.
  • Linearity of data flows ensures that the overall model is easy to follow.
  • The simplicity of individual calculations helps reduce time spent understanding and updating the model.
  • The flexibility of structure keeps the model agile throughout business change.

Model build features:

  • Scenarios
  • Sensitivities
  • Single/multi-timeline
  • Separate inputs, calculations, and outputs
  • P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow statements
  • Analysis/KPIs
  • Dashboard
  • Log
  • Operating manual

Model build benefits:

  1. Reduce errors, key-person risk, cost of model assurance activities, and make better decisions by building according to industry-wide frameworks.
  2. Obtain finished products without the additional burden on an existing team.
  3. Access a fresh, experienced approach to the challenge.
  4. Avoid the cost of upskilling your team for a new financial model (one-off project).
  5. Streamline work by removing manual manipulation and the associated risks – placing tacit knowledge into a model.
  6. Reduce reputational and financial risk by using best-practice standards.
  7. Automate tasks to meet deadlines (reducing stress).
Aleksandra Pavlovic ACCA
Director, Financial Modelling

Client success story


The client required a financial model to support fundraising efforts.


We designed and built a business planning financial model in Microsoft Excel that included a five-year forecast.


The client was able to present financial data in an acceptable format for investors to assess. The model is now used as an operating model and the client returns regularly to us to develop the model in line with business expansion.


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