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Major disposal

The Challenge

The client was going through a major disposal and required modelling support to understand future operational income scenarios, the most efficient way to use disposal proceeds to reduce debt amid a complex capital structure, and the impact of the transaction on credit ratings and the abilities to raise future/refinance current debt.

The Solution

We developed and operated a group-wide, long-term planning model during a multi-billion pound disposal, subsequent capital restructure, and review of the remaining business.

We simplified the existing financial model, which had grown for over a decade, stripping out unnecessary modules and calculation repetition – resulting in a robust, easy-to-use model.

We also added regular consolidation of business unit outputs and reconciliation to the budget, implemented modelling best practices to reduce errors and decrease calculation time, and liaised with debt advisors and other external consultants throughout the period of disposal.

We worked with the internal treasury team to understand and model a new capital structure for ratings agency processes and shareholder approval of major refinancing efforts.

We created a modelling centre of excellence within the Financial Planning & Strategy Team to improve model build and review methodology throughout the company and supported efforts of operational restructure of the remaining business.

The Outcome

The client was able to cut reporting times significantly and answer complex questions from private equity investors as a result of modelling. The CFO said, “Our FP&A reporting is better than ever.”

The client was extremely pleased with our work, so they retained our services for two years, where we helped hire and build their own in-house modelling function.

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